The Anglo Peruvian Society is happy to present musician & artist Mili Vega.

Mili Vega is a talented artist, moving from paintbrush to guitar strings. She will be presenting her canvases at the Peruvian Embassy, where they can be viewed, purchased and discussed. Mili looks at feminism and their portrayal through her art, using vibrant colours, strong animals and bold compositions.

To set the mood, a live musical performance will be followed by some words by the artist, you can then enjoy the art over drinks and nibbles. You'll be able to chat with the artist herself and ask about her vibrant pieces.

"Art is passion and feeling; it's my freedom, peace, and delight. Art is my life.

I think the basis of everything is the feeling and sensitivity that you put into the things you love and are passionate about, which is what I always try to transmit through my art.

When I paint, it's like being naked in soul and spirit; they're very intimate and personal moments when I capture all my emotions and feelings.

Music and painting are my two greatest passions.

I cannot imagine my days without them.

My painting is motivated by the music and melodies that come to me when I'm composing: I feel the need to translate them on to a blank canvas.

Mainly, I paint female characters expressing not only their subtlety and tenderness, but also their strength and energy.

I compliment them with images of horses, which to me represent elegance and nostalgia, tigers, which represents fury, or butterflies, which symbolise the freedom of which many of us are in search.

I absorb many elements into my art to form a story. A song or a melody can come alive through colours and pigments.

I am looking to continue learning, to continue growing as an artist, whilst looking to transcend above my person, as it is well known that art is imbued with a small or large part of life itself.

My objective is for the viewer to see my work and understand my emotions through my paintings. Above all, I would like the viewer to feel a connection to the work and recognise my particular style.

This the art of Mili Vega."

6:30pm - Arrival

6:45pm - Music performed by Mili Vega

7:30pm - A Few Words by Mili Vega

7:35-9:00pm - Drinks & nibbles