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To this end, since its formation over 50 years ago, the Society has helped a wide range of charitable projects including children’s homes, hospitals and special medical programmes, vocational training, workshops, children’s libraries, schools, nurseries and orphanages, community centres and soup kitchens. In addition, the Anglo Peruvian Society has sent funds to help with relief after major natural disasters. 


We strive to help those in greatest need throughout Peru. For example, one charity we recently supported is Sense International, where our donation helped to train health and educational professionals to meet the needs of Deafblind children who were not being looked after fully. We have also financed the purchase of books for CEDILY-IBBY Peru to equip the children’s section of public libraries in remote areas such as Chota (Cajamarca) and Lircay (Huancavelica). Our support to Amantani has helped to build greenhouses to source fresh fruit and vegetables for the children of their rural boarding school houses. 

We are always looking for well-run projects in the more remote areas of Peru and would love to hear from anyone who has direct and in-depth knowledge of possible new initiatives. 

If you are a charity that would like to apply for funding from the Anglo Peruvian Society, please download and complete our Charities Questionnaire and return it to

Please support our mission to help those most in need in Peru!